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Super Squeeze Page Generator

Super Squeeze Page Generator


"Scientific Software Builds Laser Targeted Email Lists, And Converts 14.7% More Of Your Visitors Into Buyers Automatically!"

A Brand New Technology In List Building And Web Conversion Is Now Available And It's Not Anything To Do With Co-Op's, or Buying Leads...

Install "Super Squeeze Page Generator" And Watch Your Conversion Ratio's Skyrocket Overnight!

You Can now Quickly And Easily "Super Target" Your Prospects, Personalize Their Surfing Experience And Close More Sales!

Lock the door, get planted in front of your screen and get ready for the response increasing breakthrough that is going to change your business!

Wednesday 12:47pm

From: Your Name Here

Dear Friend,

We both know how important it is to have a list of targeted prospects to mail to. This is the blood supply of any online business. No list, no relationships, no sales...

You've surely seen the hundreds of "flash in the pan" list building systems, pyramid schemes as well as the hundreds of e-Books promising to show you the secrets to converting more prospects.

The truth about all these things is that fully 99% of them don't work.

You want a list that is responsive and buys what you offer. You want your subscribers to trust, adore, and love getting your e-mails...

Picture for a moment having thousands of "raving fans" ready to jump on the offers you send to them and a site that converts more visitors in to cold hard cash sales...

It's a beautiful thing to imagine...and it's now a reality thanks to a scientific list building and web conversion system that is nothing short of pure genius.

Maybe you've been trying to make a living online and you just can't seem to get over that "hump" holding you back from living your financial dreams.

Or maybe you already have a business making some money online...

But you are far from where you want and need to be financially...

I'm going to let you in on a little secret. The only two things you need to have going for you to make a decent living online are:

1) A targeted, responsive mailing list that you can mail on a regular basis.

2) A website that converts subscribers, visitors, and prospects into customers and clients.

Sounds simple doesn't it?

However, it's not as easy as it sounds. Thousands of businesses start online every day and thousands of businesses also fail and go offline everyday because they simply don't have a list and a well converting site.

It has always been a very difficult and time consuming task to get your site producing subscribers and sales... until today...

Super Squeeze Page Generator has made it impossible NOT to build a laser targeted list and convert more of your visitors into sales...

If you've been wondering what you can do to make your website convert like an Internet marketing guru's and produce more leads than you can handle all while turning your visitors into paying customers you've found it, Super Squeeze Page Generator!

"Super Squeeze Page Generator took my site that was getting a measly 45 hits a day and zero sales or subscribers into a business racking in over $2,200 a month without any additional traffic. Man, this is truly amazing, thank you soooo much for this incredible innovation"    -Jack M., Chicago, IL

That's what nearly everyone who uses the Super Squeeze Page Generator experiences after using it for just a few weeks. Wouldn't you like to get in on that action?

Super Squeeze Page Generator will help you...

  • Build a super responsive list of hungry leads in record breaking time!

  • Automatically customize your website sales copy to your users preferences on the fly.

  • Increase your sites response rate and increase it over time automatically!

  • Literally read your prospects mind and then auto generate sales pages laser targeted specifically to them- this will increase your conversion ratios up to 400%

  • Personalize your sales experience to each and every customer, no more Dear Friend, now it will be Dear Mark, or Dear Sally...  Your prospects name will appear all over your sales letter! Everyone loves hearing their own name... no you can use it as your secret weapon!

What Exactly Does Super Squeeze Page Generator Do?

  • Makes ultra effective and responsive lead capture pages that grab your visitors e-mail address, names, and other personalized information.

  • Personalizes the website by any variable you choose based on a question you ask them example: "What's Your Favorite Color Car?"

  • Creates multiple sales pages automatically and tests the response on them to show you exactly which one is making the most sales.

  • Places your prospects name right IN the sales letter for a turbo charged personalization effect.

  • Let's you edit your pages with a built in WYSIWYG editor for complete ease and quickness.

  • Tracks how many visitors went to each page, which page converted more sales and which answer was chosen most from your question.

  • Display's the statistics for everything in a beautiful graphical interface for easy viewing and understanding.

Sure there have been Squeeze Page makers and Lead Capture Page creators out for a while now but none of them did anything more than get an e-mail and send your prospect to a cold, unpersonalized sales page.

Now you can make your visitors feel like your rearranging just for them when they show up like an old friend...that builds relationships.

Super Squeeze Page Generator is...

  • Amazingly quick & easy to install on your server

  • Extremely effective, automated, and truly fun to use!

  • Brutally eye opening when it comes to what is going to make your site money

"Your Web Site Will Make Money And

Your List Will Be More Targeted, I Guarantee It"

Super Squeeze Page Generator will show you the path that no Guru knows, after all, how can a Guru know what is going to make your site sell if they don't sell that same product or service? They can't accurately.

You can finally...

  • Rest assured that your site is converting the MAXIMUM number of visitors into buyers.

  • See for yourself why you site hasn't been converting and what to do to fix it!

  • Fire all the conversion experts, e-Book salesman, and list building experts

Super Squeeze Page Example!

Just imaging your user shows up at your website and reads a compelling message about  your new break through dog training e-bookon your Super Squeeze Page....

At the bottom of your regular Squeeze page below your compelling message your prospect will see.... Your Opt In Box which is the heard of the Super Squeeze Page System...


"Get My Quick Fix Training Mini Guide Sent To You Free Right Now Guaranteed To Solve All Four Or The Problems Listed Below!!"

First Name


Email Address


"What is the number one thing you want to teach your dog in the next 7 days?"

Sit On Command

Potty Train

Fetch The Paper

Stop Chewing

Your prospect has checked the 4th option "Stop Chewing" and she clicks "Submit"

Your prospect is added to your email list and is automatically emailed your Tips Guide that you promised by your autoresponder.

At the same time your prospect is delivered to your main sales page for your brand new Dog Training Guide!

Instead of Dear Friend,

Your prospect is Greeted by

Dear Mary,

Are You sick and tired of your dog chewing up your best high heels or every thing else he can get hit jaws around?

(There is also a picture of a dog chewing up a pair of women's shoes!)

But wait..... what if marry selected Number 2 "Potty Train"

First Name


Email Address


"What is the number one thing you want to teach your dog in the next 7 days?"

Sit On Command

Potty Train

Fetch The Paper


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