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PDF Stamper Pro



PDF Labelling and Stamping Tool

Rebrands Your PDF

Creates a Viral Avalanche Easily!

Stamp multiple PDF and TIFF documents.


Edit PDF properties (title, subject, author, producer,         keywords)


Add security settings to PDF documents (disable         copying, printing, open password, etc.)


Generate Address/Document Labels.


Change Font name/size for generated labels.


Manage your Labels settings in a database to help         you using it again and again.


Save user settings for quick start-up.

PDF Labelling and Stamper Pro is an advanced professional industry based software that enables you to stamp content into any single PDF document. It's even able to add almost all types of images and texts.

These processes can be realized in all of pages with precise control over the size and position, the stamped text and/or images become a permanent part of each PDF document (supports batch processing).

This tool lets you stamp watermarks such as 'Confidential' on pages that include sensitive information or 'Draft' on a preliminary PDF document to be distributed for review.

You can stamp PDF document names, revision numbers, Date/Time stamps, contact information, or any text that you need added to the file. With the image support you can stamp company logos, author signatures, products, charts or any artwork in many image formats. A Scale feature is provided with image stamping to easily increase or decrease the size of the stamped image, leaving the original image size intact. Support image formats: JPG/BMP/ICO/EMF/WMF. NO ACROBAT SOFTWARE NEEDED!

Now you can secure your PDF

by disabling printing and copy options.

Imagine this, you would like to offer free preview samples of your eBook or Product Manuals and you would'nt want them to copy a single thing from it, all you need to do istick the check box and the PDF copying function will be disabled. No matter how many times the user tries to save it as the disabled copying function still remains.

Now you may be saying what happens if the user intends to print it and pass the hard copy along? The good news is, that can be disabled too! No more plagiarism and and you will get the credit you deserve every single time.

Creates A Viral Avalanche From Any PDF!

PDF usage is rising as we speak! More and more authors are using PDF instead of any other because of its cross platform compatibility. PDF can be viewed on both MAC and Windows. And now with PDF Labelling and Stamper Pro you can brand any PDF document and have the "Sponsored By Your URL Tag"......imagine what that can do to your business..... you surf through the net and you found a great resource in PDF and you would like to share it but then of course you want to maximize your returns by having the refered person as your lead...just use the STAMPING function to apply a stamped version with your details and see the magic of this software as the eBook gets pass along. Its simply a no brainer.

What makes

PDF Labelling and Stamper Pro

one of the most sought after tools

in any given industry?

Simple, because PDF Labelling and Stamper Pro is made available for only 21 days with a one time lowest price in Supernova Firesale 2 and......go ahead do a search on Google for similar tools and you will find out that a similar tool will cost up to $499 for a single user license and $799 for Developer level. And the current similar software does not even have the Master Resell Rights attached, meaning if you buy a similar software anywhere else, you can't resell it and keep 100% profits.

If you review almost all the PDF created by the Gurus, they have this function implemented in their reports and eBooks but yes I have been around and there have been an enourmous unspoken demand for this software. This demand will be stamped today!

This industrial strength tool which costed $5,500 to purchase the rights to include in this firesale and transfer it to you is bug free and comes in a user friendly professionally designed interface and flash tutorials.


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