Learn The Five Keys To Internet Marketing Success

Focus On Only 3 Things

When starting your Internet Business, you shuold focus on 3 things and 3 things only.
They are none other than:

1. Sell,
2. Build your list, and
3. Sell again!

And that's it. There is really nothing else to it in as absurdly simple as it sounds. Regardless of what niche you are in, you should make these 3 goals your primary focus no matter what. And you make money only when you sell something.

You may come up with as many marketing strategies (no mater how fancy they can be)
as you want, but they all focus on these 3 key tactics. Just as you can kick the ball anyhow you want in the football field, you score only when you start selling, building your list and then sell again.

I thought you might also want to know: when several successful marketers were asked the question, "If you are to start all over again, what will you do first?" They often reply with answers that revolve around building their mailing list as their first priority.

This is how the phrase "the money is in the list" is coined. I am not known to join popular opinion, but I do anything that is time-tested for my Internet Business and you should, too.

So you can start your own newsletter, run a free membrship site, create your own product with Master Resell Rights, and so on - but they must ultimately collect leads for your mailing list and then, you send even more offers to your list.

While it's a given there are many ways to build your mailing list, which is a subject fit for another book, bear this in mind: don't feel guilty sending promotion offers to your mailing list from time to time, may it be your own product or an offer you're an affiliate for. The purpose of having a mailing list is to make money. It's not about sending free stuffs to your list (you don't make money giving things away for free). And it's not abiut giiving free content, either, contrary to popular belief.

Yes, there's no doubt some of your subscribers would get cheesed off and un-subscribed. And it's only a matter of time you will get your share of nasty mails from some of them (which I personally dubbed "Subscribers from Hell"). But you shouldn't be wating time on them and in fact, you might do well helping them out in un-subscribing them from your list.

And what Next? Focus on your interested subscribers. Subscribers who are interested in receiving your next email. Subscribers who look forward to be your customers.

THIS, my friend, is the kind of mailing list you want to build ultimately. While there's no harm giving free content and a little bit of gifts from time to time, you should stress more on making money with every email you send to your list. But then, it's also a given you cannot just email your list irresponsibly, like every few hours or a frequency too often that it pisses too many of your subscribers, pushing thjem to click on the un-subscribe link!

The recommended frequency is 1-2 times a week or a month but it's up to your due dliigence in mailing your list. And when you start making money from your mailing list, well done! You've cracked the online wealth code!

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